Vices and Virtues: Makeover!

Look what got a new makeoverđź‘€

If you haven’t ventured down this path yet, now is the time!

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Vices and Virtues, just opposite sides of the same coin.

Pride to Humility; Greed to Charity; Sloth to Diligence; Gluttony to Temperance; Envy to Kindness; Wrath to Forgiveness; and last but not least, Lust to Chastity.

All Vices and Virtues are the same; it is how people handle them that display their true nature. Which side of the coin will appear? The darkest of sins and purest of beliefs all blend into shades of gray in our realities.

There are no saints here, not one devout. Just twisted truths no one wants to see. Welcome to the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Dark Virtues one never saw coming.

My story, A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance exists among these sinister sins and dark virtues!

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