Witching Hour Vices and Virtues: An anthology of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Dark Virtues

Sins will weave you into their webs. They become the Vice you’re unable to shake. There are the values, taught from birth, which ride a razor’s edge. They turn into Dark Virtues, a twisted mockery of their true meaning.

Pride, envy, lust, gluttony, anger, greed and sloth all have their place in the tapestry of life. They are the Vices who lost sight of the Virtues: charity, temperance, forgiveness, humility, kindness, chastity and diligence.

Enter the worlds where the tales of the most sinful of Vices and the darkest of Virtues will entice and intrigue you…

…for even among the most devout there is a dark side

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A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance 

Her self-restraint is tested when a handsome newcomer opens a night club on the outskirts of her small-minded town. His establishments spellbind the patrons and create a magical intoxicating experience. She’s always maintained self-control but as he turns up the heat her inner strength is in peril. She has a choice, either tame the heathens or succumb to their wicked ways.

“She took one long perusal of his athletic body and knew this was going to be a dangerous game. One she’d been looking forward to embarking upon.”


Charity Anthology: 

Recently the news has started reporting the near epidemic issue of mental health illness and the rise in suicide rates. It’s a problem which could be handled and controlled so much more effectively, if there wasn’t a stigma associated with both suicidal thoughts and mental health problems.

They’re both treated like dirty secrets.

This is a subject which has touched everyone in some way. Some have been affected directly; maybe they thought about it, or possibly even tried to end everything because they thought there was no other way. Others are diagnosed with various illnesses: bipolar, depression, anxiety…None of these should be a cause for shame. These can’t be controlled. People should feel comfortable talking about it and seeking help, instead of feeling like they need to hide it…

…and to know hope is always there, it just needs to be allowed to enter.

Inside these pages are stories of despair, tragedy and pain, but also filled with hope and love and a way to see the light outside of the darkness.

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In the Surf


Liam recalls the life of his best friend while desperately trying to make sense of the hopelessness he Nnds himself in after his friend, Byron takes his own life.


Witching Hour Sinister Legends: In every legend, there is a seed of truth

Bloody Mary…

Bloody Mary…

Bloody…maybe we shouldn’t test that just yet.

Urban legends, fact or fiction, at the end of the day they’re all stories. We know not to spin around the room in the dark whispering her name. We’ve heard about the man with the hook and the terror that stalks the babysitter while she’s home alone.

But there are other tales told around the fire at night. The man finding the steps into hell and sanity flickering away. Mind control experiments by governments, big and small. The woman married to the man of peculiar tastes. There are the haunted hospitals, sleep trials in Russia and more.

Slenderman and Bigfoot are nowhere within these stories; these are only the unusual and dark ones, slanted into truth.

In every legend, there is a seed of truth. Welcome to the Witching Hour.


My contribution:

Melt Me


When Jade Sterling returned home to Diablo for a fresh start, she never expected to run into her first crush.

Cody McAllister had a passion for women and chocolaty treats that were well known around town. She refused to be a part of Cody’s harem, despite his efforts. She was in town to teach, and temptation by his green-coated morsels was not an option.

However, when mysterious green candies appeared on her desk, she needed help to discover if her past arrived back home with her.