The Craft of Writing

Woke up to the wonderful +Corinne Michaels Facebook hosting a live chat feed.  Her recent work Say You’ll Stay is beyond words it is so well written. Reading a work which touches emotions in one’s core, while difficult, truly is the gift of a talented writer. When an array of feelings strike a nerve, and the audience truly exhibits anger, remorse, sadness, hopefulness, joy, the author’s craft truly deserves to be celebrated.

Recently I’ve read a host of books which I enjoy reading and learning from for a multitude of reasons. Some bring out the emotional blubbering girl in me, whole others inspire the secret heroine superpowers I wish I’d honed in on in my early years, and others use dynamic language and structure techniques which only add to the depth of the work. From those author’s who make me chuckle through the lense of sports or the deep seated desire to make things hot in the kitchen each author brings a true piece of creativity to the table. When reading a diverse grouping of styles within a genre it is important to recognize the stylistic moves which make you crave continuing on the journey as well as noting the sidebars which cause you angst about finishing the work. All off these author’s like +Corinne Michaels+Pandora Spocks+Sloane Howell, @celiaaaron, @jaymclean, @tialouise, @matthewhiley, +Quiet Ruby+Mae Wood+Meghan March, @serenitywoods, @  +Julia Kent, @jacobchance, @loganchance, @cassandraclaire, @veronicaroth, +John Green, @danbrown, @ruthclampett, +Helena Hunting, @aliceclayton,  @EBWhite, @marktwain, @johnsteinbeck, @nealshusterman, oh and so many more truly bring out the inspiration for some of us to continue on our  sojourn of writing.

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