Life’s Journey


Last year I attended a five week national writing project.  Once a week we were asked to bring things in and then given thirty minutes to write to a specified prompt question based off the item we brought. This little piece was my thirty minute composition based on the picture included. It’s raw, from the heart, and caused tears when I had to read it aloud in front of my writing group.  It is actually the piece which got me thinking about writing something full length. It isn’t so much that it is a perfectly written piece, but it is the fact through so many of life’s experiences a tale is hidden to be told. As I patiently await the official first round edits, I figured I’d share the humble beginnings of where this journey was born. Yes, this is actually one of the photos the kids took, right after the boys sat in the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil pose.  The girls pushed them when they realized they were goofing around, and our photographer caught it perfectly. Their grandparents actually picked that photo as one of their favorites!

MJS 2015 Life’s Journey

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