Hitched by Kendall Ryan


Kendall Ryan surely does not disappoint with her second installment of the Hitched series. She’s developed all the right hooks to keep Noah and Olivia moving through the inheritance clause. The only hitch is Olivia, although a thorough business woman, did not read the final lines of the contract. Noah wants more than a marriage contract, he wants the true love of his life to commit to the life long marriage. He wants the dream. Noah’s struggles with telling Olivia the dark and dirty final lines of the contract, because he truly wants Olivia to fall in love with him. Olivia’s focus is the company and its long term survival. She does her best to keep Noah at a distance, but her walls are falling. Will she figure out the bottom line of the contract and agree?

Bravo to Ryan on the second installment.  The third installment is due out early August!


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