Into the Nothing


B.T. Urruela’s debut solo novel addresses several deep taboo issues with a realism untouched by most author’s. The small town politics and blue-collar culture truly help build the plot around Xander and Paige. Xander’s touched me as it was a reminder that some of my students come from the very background Xander describes. These brushed under the carpet ugly truths slowly unfolded along with Xander’s ultimate sacrifices. Paige also resonated within because too many woman seem to have it all on the outside but lack the self-confidence to demand things for themselves. This lack of confidence leads them to the wrong situations, which they too brush under the carpet. Xander and Paige learn from one another how to maneuver through these tough situations, but they encounter the ultimate test of love and making it to happiness is the most difficult challenge.

Into the Nothing tackled many issues I was not expecting. I enjoyed the twists and turns and inner monologue’s used as the characters worked through the taboo issues brought about within the work. This is not a typical HEA romance, and it takes a dive into the emotional stresses one’s childhood brings back into play as an adult. I enjoyed the raw nature developed in the characters which really drove home the major themes. The book reviews are up on Goodreads and Amazon if you need to dive deeper before grabbing your copy.

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