Another Mum Accounting!



I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Stacey Broadbent’s newest release Super Mum! Frazzled, Frumpy and Fabulous! It could not have come at a better time. I read it on the way to drop Middle off at college. It became a clear reminder of what we are actually trying to achieve while we raise our children and grow our families. Broadbent is the reigning  queen, in my mind, of exploding the moment of the little things which happen along the way as we raise children. Her account of the struggles and strengths we all experience truly embraces the beauty of marriage, child rearing, and how we lose ourselves as Mommies sometimes. I read this all the while reflecting back on my journey as a mom and cannot express what a joy it was to walk back through those moments. I am extremely honored with the opportunity to read, reflect, and write on such an endearing piece. Add this to your TBR and get reading upon its release August 31, 2016!


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