Stroked Long


The amazing story of Bodi Banks and Ruby Hearts, one struggling swimmer and one struggling artist, meet up for a beautifully written tale. Meghan Quinn’s second novel in the Stroked series is gold medal award-winning. It brought me from laughter to tears and truly unveiled the internal struggles of Bodi’s life in a real and raw form. He’s a man on the outside, yet his internal battle with guilt and PTSD leave him a crippled little boy on the inside. His relationship with Ruby naturally brings out both the best and worst parts of his internal struggles, and Quinn brings the reader to their knees as she develops Bodi’s true inner demons. Ruby is Bodi’s yin to yang and their growth together simply melts the reader’s emotions. This is a great read with cameos from Stroked with Reese, Paisley, Hollis, Melony, and the ever over the top, self-absorbed Bellini Chambers.


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