Corinne Michaels – Say You Want Me


If you are new to Corinne Michaels, then the Say You series is a perfect place to start. Her latest release, Say You Want Me, brings to light Angelina “Angie” Benson, a strong-headed city girl from Philadelphia, and Wyatt Hennington, the handsome rancher from Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Their worlds collide through Angie’s sister-in-law and Wyatt’s brother. They’ve had a few romps in the hay, but nothing prepares two mid thirty’s deemed single folks back to reality faster than the party gift left behind from their few encounters. Angie and Wyatt are far from the stereotypical boy meets girl falls in love story. Michaels brilliantly wordsmiths the true ugly, down and dirty reality of how actions and responses do not always equate to the happily-ever-after. Michaels talent always amazes as me as she writes from the depths of emotions which plague her characters in a way that leaves the reader breathless.

Check out all Corinne Michaels works. Every one of them has a place in my heart, hopefully they’ll find yours too! 

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