L.M. Williams – Nicki Noel and The Curious Christmas Truck


L.M. Williams captured my heart with this new uplifting Christmas tale. He’s tackled some big issues and handled them with grace and poise. He creates a strong heroine in Nicki, and her sidekick is beyond adorable. Williams encapsulates the spirit of Christmas and the magic of the season through a hero’s style journey. In the end, Nicki not only saves Christmas but she stands as a pillar for those who don’t believe in dreaming big and making those ideas come to fruition. All three of my children read it and loved it. While this novella is a beautiful prose for readers who are dipping their toes into chapter books and beginning to recognize author’s craft styles and developments, it is a great piece to read to younger children or as a reminder to those who have forgotten the magic of the season and the goodwill which should be a foundational truth in society. No matter the age, this is a tried and true story which will certainly be passed on each year.


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Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck

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The spirit of Christmas is in serious danger.

A towering Christmas tree that once stood tall in the city has been missing for the past eight years. Without the tree, the city has slowly forgotten the magic that is Christmas.

Everyone except for one little girl.

Nicki Noel loves two things: trucks and Christmas. She’s always felt drawn to them, despite being told that girls can’t drive trucks.

But when her mother needs to leave town for work, and Nicki goes to stay with old friends of her father’s, the mysteries of her past begin to unfold in front of her.

Can a little girl drive a truck? Can the magic of Christmas return to the city? Or will it finally be lost, forever?


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