David Michael’s Dick Dynasty Series.


David Michael’s ability to weave deep-rooted issues into a light-hearted witty style series is a tribute to the talent behind this author. With Porter, he tackles the emotional rollercoaster of being the eldest son in a family founded as the jeweled crown in the porn industry. Porter also tackles the difficulties of dating when your job centers around one of the most sacred areas of any relationship as well as the extremes of jealousy associated among the Hollywood society. Michael’s moves the series along in Parker, as he tackles the partying and drug abuse surrounding  the industry, as well as he develops some deeper societal issues through his character Rebecca. Finally, he warps up the series with Preston. Preston uses wit along with great banter on the surface level. Michael’s, however rips off one more Band-Aid, digging deeper into some larger issues which plague society.

I love how Michael’s weaves the larger themes of the trilogy by creating them as imbedded pieces rather than hitting his readers in the face with each idea. This is a true testament to the depth of his craft. I was so taken by a few of his perspectives that I had to raise those questions within another forum to gain a genuine well-rounded perspective myself. Michael’s series is one to definitely put on your TBR.

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