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Sir and Lisa’s journey explores the inner self and the road to a strong emotional and physical bond with a partner. Joshua Edward Smith’s final installment of the Entropy Series is a beautiful tribute to the human condition. While he uses the erotic nature of BDSM to convey the message, the Entropy Series is more of a philosophical exploration of the lifestyle. The complex themes of unconditional love, trust, and genuine happiness truly run their course through the series. From the unraveling of growing apart from one’s partner to personal tragedy, and rebuilding a life, The Entropy series covers it all and much more. Smith’s eloquent style deepens the richness of the text and leaves the reader critically analyzing the complex structures which exist among people with regards to the vulnerable acts associated with affairs of the heart. For a sophisticated and elegant read try your hand at the Entropy Series, you won’t be disappointed

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Joshua Edward Smith is the author of three novels (Entropy, Duality, and Gravity), several shorter works, and innumerable blog posts and tweets. He is also a technology executive, jazz musician, ballroom dancer, father of three, and husband. He lives in central Massachusetts.

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My review of Gravity

Gravity is the third installment of Joshua Edward Smith’s Entropy series. The story dives deep into the relationship of Sir and Lisa as they have developed over the first two novels. Sir’s search for happiness, outside of the confines of marriage, takes him down a road of self-actualization. He arrives in a place ready for acceptance of a partnership but with a deeper understanding of mutual exclusivity; he is finally able to sooth his own restless soul. Lisa on the other hand has not quite completed her metamorphosis into the beautiful woman Sir believes her to be. Through continued self-discoveries Lisa is able to grow in Gravity.

Joshua Edward Smith pens the Entropy series with a beauty and grace unlike others in the genre. While initially his diction and structure choices appear simplistic, the connotative derivatives underneath are far more sophisticated and complex. His thematic developments of communication, compromise, and willingness to hold a partner to a specific set of standards by which they both crave and desire is the glue which holds this final installment together. Gravity is the perfect ending to finding one’s ultimate path to true love and respect.

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