Thoughts On The Book World Drama – with ‘Livet

No doubt Larry will always speak the gospel of what you might be thinking, but you are too afraid to say out loud!

If you don’t know Larry, you need to get started and catch up before Thursday, July 27, 2017 rolls around.


Nerdy Novelist Amazon reviews:

Chronicles of Larry Season 1

Chronicles of Larry Season 2

Chronicles of Larry Season 3

The Chronicles of larry

By: Larry

Disclaimer: I don’t give two horse dicks about any of this drama shit. I’m just using it to selfishly draw attention to my own books. Fuck anonymity. I want the money. This is how you monetize a goddamned rant, son.

But first, buy my shit. Banned everywhere. You don’t wanna fuck with it. YOU SHOULD NOT READ THESE BOOKS! THEY’RE VERY OFFENSIVE! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Seasons 4 and 5 coming in the next few months.



THOUGHTS (w/ ‘livet)

So I’m sitting here with a bottle of ‘livet in the morning, dropping a deuce burger. I scroll across my phone and come across more book world drama. How fortunate is this for me? I mean, I don’t give a shitdick about any of it, but it’s popular, and I’m not above using it to promote my fuckery. I’m always…

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