Apotheosis: A New Release from Joshua Edward Smith

There are pitfalls people fall in over the course of a lifetime, and Cynthia is one of those folks who has fallen. She’s a midlife divorcee who recognizes she needs a change in order to live her life and fill the empty void. Apotheosis tells the tale of one woman’s journey in search of owning her own happiness. Her sojourn takes her through an emotional cleansing of sorts and mixes her foundational beliefs with a blend of cultural experiences, self-esteem building, and the path to loving oneself and having the love returned.

Joshua Edward Smith takes the Pacific Northwest by storm in Apotheosis. He creates a lost soul in search of the road to salvation in his heroine. Cynthia is never the meek and miserable type woman, but she is struggling to make sense of a life she feels has been unlived. Smith demonstrates a realism in this work. He develops Cynthia as a modern day woman who lost her way and needs to rediscover the beauty of life, love, and happiness. Smith takes the reader through all the emotions, yet leaves the audience replete and satisfied in the end. Cynthia’s journey is one that should not be missed.

Title: Apotheosis
Author: Joshua Edward Smith
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After a fleeting encounter with a state of bliss she’s never before known, Cynthia is driven to recapture that moment. She sets off on a mission to find the man of her dreams, but instead discovers the frightening truth of what he really is. Life and death hang in the balance, with her own redemption being her only hope of survival. This contemporary take on the hero’s journey is as moving as it is mesmerizing.
Author Bio:
Joshua Edward Smith is the author of four novels (the erotic ‟Entropy” trilogy, and the contemporary women’s fiction novel ‟Apotheosis”), several shorter works, and innumerable blog posts and tweets. He is also a technology executive, jazz musician, ballroom dancer, and father of three. He lives in central Massachusetts.

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