Resurrection—Thanksgiving Bonus Content

©2017 Maggie Jane Schuler



            “Are you ready Darlin’?” Chase opens my car door as we stand in front of a new home with Casey, our realtor, chomping at the bit to get the sale of the day on Thanksgiving eve.

“Of course. I hope this one is big enough to accommodate the kids.” He reaches his hand my way and helps me lift my five-month bulging belly out of the car.

“Mrs. Houston, I think this one will accommodate everything you asked for. It even has a mother-in-law suite off the kitchen.”

I still at the threshold, I haven’t been Mrs. Houston for more than three months but it still takes my breath away every time someone calls by it. Chase rests his hand on the small of my back, well it used to be small until the twins invaded every last inch of my ass and thighs.

“Yes, Mrs. Houston, I’ve got something that will accommodate everything you asked for.” Chase’s breath is hot in my ear as we follow Casey through the downstairs. I shake my head as he moves his hand lower pinching my ass.

“This kitchen is equipped with two ovens, two dishwashers, a prep sink, regular sink, and…” I’m trying hard to listen to her but Chases continues to wonder his fingers about my back and even leans down snaking his hand beneath my dress and up my thighs a touch. “This will be great for Thanksgiving as your family grows.” She finishes and turns around to face us with one of those plastered on sales smiles.

“Yes, this looks like it would do the job nicely. I saw on the map you have one already built on a sister cul-de-sac a few streets over. Is it still available?” I walk away from Chase’s hungry hands to join Casey at the sliding back door overlooking the outdoor living space and pool. Her phone rings and she excuses herself. Chase motions for me to come join him in looking upstairs.

“You need to cool your jets there Mifter.” He chuckles at my Lacey reference from a few years ago as we hit the top of the stairwell. Again, he leads the way straight into one wing which houses all the kids’ bedrooms, but instead of stopping to look at them he grabs my hand and pulls me down the hallway into the master bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He turns the lock and twists on his heel before striding my way and plastering me with warm kisses working their way from my ear, my neck, and onto the peeks of my cleavage pillowing over the top of the square neckline of my dress.

“What are you doing, Casey will be right back, and this is not even our home?” My complaint goes unanswered as he works his magical hands down my sides and back up to fondle my now erect nipples.

“Mrs. Houston, we haven’t had a moment—“ His fingers unzip the back of the dress, “alone since the honeymoon. That was Jake on the phone—“ He’s now trying to unclasp my bra while leading me backward as my knees hit the bed. “Don’t worry Casey has known us for years, she won’t judge.”

“No, please stop. This is wrong on so many—Oh my god that feels nice.” I shake my head at my own admission and push against his chest stopping his momentary feast.

“Why stop? You don’t sound convincing and it is a day away from Thanksgiving and I’d love to start giving thanks now.” He tugs at the shoulders of my dress. But were both caught off guard when the knocks on the door and giggles outside bring us back to the here and now.

“Damn him. He promised me twenty minutes to give thanks.” Chase kisses me on the check and turns me around refastening my bra and zipping my dress.

“What are you talking about. Have you lost your mind?”

He holds up his hand and unlocks the door as twelve little feet tromp into the master bedroom. Jake and Maria follow behind with sparkling apple cider and plastic glasses in hand.

“Congratulations! Your mothers are loading up the fridges now. The movers should be here any minute with the rest of the stuff.” Maria slides in, hugs me, and pours a glass of the pregnancy approved sparkling liquid.

“What are you talking about, Chase what have you done?”

He smirks and straightens out his collar. “Lacey, why don’t you tell mommy?”

“Daddy bought us a new house and we have room for all da kids.”

“What, wait this is a model.”

“Nope, this is ours, a new place to start our lives as the Houston’s. And this is a new bed, not the model home. We have a buyer for the house we’re living in and they wanted all the furniture too, so the rest of our stuff will be here later today.”

“Seriously, this is the one I wanted. And you made it happen.” I’m fighting back the tears because our previous house was a place we bought in a hurry so I could wipe away all the evils Marshall left behind. It wasn’t perfect, but it was home.

“I started on this before the wedding. Jake was supposed to hold back so we could give our thanks before giving everything to the kids, but he’s not very smart.” I glance over at Jake who wears a shit-eating grin because he loves to frustrate Chase.

“Can we go see our rooms?” Lacey flashes her doe eyes and Chase waves her on to go explore.

“So, we can really have our first married Thanksgiving in a house that will welcome our family from here forward?”

“Yep, and I promise to pay proper homage to you later—after I beat Jake to death. I love you Darlin’.” He pulls me in tight and I know without a doubt that he is my everything.


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