Derailed — by Kacey Shea

Jessica Moore a young woman accustomed to going without, happy to be the cheerleader for the dreams of others. Her boyfriend knows this and swoops in taking full advantage, leaving her feeling beholden, starving, and yearning for attention he’ll never provide.

Sean Willis plays for the team. He believes in his band and each member. The blood runs deep and he won’t break those ties. However, his new bandmate arrives with a lifestyle and moral code that sends warning flags up from the start. Sean can deal with a jerk but his girlfriend a sweet thing inside and out creates a bit of a challenge for Sean and his own family code of ethics.

Kacey Shea pens the heart of a hero and the fair maiden nicely in Derailed. Sean the rock star plays the roll on stage, but his head and heart behave different out of the spotlight. He feels for the situation Jess finds herself in and he knows a snake in the grass when he sees one. Shea sprinkles the right amount of vim and vigor into Sean making him a hero every reader roots for. On the other hand, Jess fights for everything she works for, and the need to make the world root for her once in her life keeps her spirit alive. She knows the higher road, but Shea creates her in a way the audience sits hand in hand with Jess on her journey. Sean and Jess are a must read!


Author Kacey Shea
USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance. Published works include My Undead Heart, Caught in the Flames, Detour, and the Uncovering Love series.
Kacey Shea is a mom of three, wife, and USA Today bestselling author who resides in sunny Arizona. She enjoys reading and writing romance novels as much as her son loves unicorns, which is a lot.

When she’s not writing you will find her playing taxi cab to her children while belting out her favorite tunes, meeting friends or family for food and to share some laughs, or sweating it out in the gym. Kacey finds that picking up heavy weights repeatedly is good for her mental health as much as it is for the physical.

She has an unhealthy obsession with firefighters. It could be the pants. It could be the fire. It’s just hot. On occasion she has been known to include them, without their knowledge, in her selfies outside the grocery store.

Kacey one day aspires to be a woman hand model in a sexy photo shoot. You know, the woman’s hand raking across the muscular back or six pack stomach of the male fitness model. Yep, that hand.

Until that day comes she will continue writing sexy, flirty romance novels in hopes to bring others joy!

Derailed Live February 16, 2018

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Falling for his bandmate’s girl is a bad idea, but when it comes to Jess, he can’t help how he feels.

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Sean Willis knows the difference between right and wrong. Sure, the bass player of Three Ugly Guys has made his share of mistakes, but when push comes to shove, Sean always chooses the high road. Now, even when things are unraveling with the band, he’s the voice of reason.

Until Jess.

She’s the only thing he’s ever wanted and couldn’t have. Not only is she his new roommate, but her boyfriend is the newest addition to 3UG. She’s more than off limits, she’s a temptress with her unaltered beauty and gentle spirit.

Jessica Moore has never been the center of anyone’s world. In fact, she’s familiar with being forgotten. Not too tall, not too pretty, not too smart; she’s just Jess. No stranger to scraping by for survival, she finds shelter in Coy Wright, a musician with dreams bigger than life. But when Coy skyrockets to stardom, Jess is thrust into a world in which she doesn’t belong.

That is, until she discovers an unexpected friendship. Sean treats Jess as someone special, important, and worthy of love. The feelings and desires he stirs within are dangerous, because despite Sean’s kindness and affection, she’s forever loyal to Coy.

What happens when doing the wrong thing feels right?

Jess and Sean’s friendship is put to the test, along with alliances in the band. Is love enough to derail their best laid plans, or will selfishness throw everyone’s success off track?

DERAILED can be read as a standalone or start with Trent’s story in DETOUR first.

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