Kim Jones will keep you laughing out loud!

In only a style Kim Jones can craft,  she’s able to touch those childhood pranks and insecurities of her heroine and mix them with banter, humor, and all the sexy romance likes while keeping the story moving, Her use of a taboo motif is a little off the beaten path of the romance trope but hey, flaming dog shit is grossly funny! She had me at the opening, “Never in a million years did I think I’d be running down a sidewalk, bag of steaming dog shit in my hand with one pissed off owner and one really fast Gold Retriever n my heels.” In the world of romance, it’s expected that certain topics like dog poop, restroom issues, or awkward sex moments don’t exist. Hell our hero, alpha can’t be given flaws of the common man. He’d lose his street cred!

Jones breaks tradition with those typical rom-com trope storylines, and she goes all in with That Guy. She stacks the flaming bag of dog shit upon a mistaken identity and mixes the starving Mississippi author with a successful businessman, and rinses us with all the funny awkward moments which make Penelope a loveable down to earth Southern Belle heroine.

Jake Swagger, ‘That Guy,’ is posh and polite, while Penelope Hart juxtaposes him with her downhome, no filter attitude; nothing comes between her thoughts and mouth. Penelope’s inner monologue as an author is fantastic. The parallels of what happens when one plots a romance, and the “real” situation Penelope finds herself in with Mr. Jack Swagger (the names are a perfect paradox) is also genius in building the plot upon a plot! Jones’s That Guy is a fun read and light-hearted when you’re in need of some comical relief.

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