Harvey-Berrick and Reardon score the try!

Jane Harvey-Berrik and Stuart Reardon score the winning try with Nick Renshaw and Dr. Anna Scott’s story in the duet Undefeated and Model Boyfriend. The hard truths of an athlete’s struggle when the end of their career becomes a reality is an excruciating change. The mindset, the physical and emotional changes are most often misunderstand and viewed as a weakness or selfishness. The story is deep and compelling for any athlete and a true testament to finding oneself and the important things in life.

In Undefeated, Harvey-Berrick and Reardon take the reader on a journey through the ugly side of fans, fame, misplaced trust, and injury when playing a competitive sport. The title alone caught me as undefeated has multi meanings within this work. Reardon’s ability to express the psychological changes in an athletes mind when the world is changing around him is superbly told through Nick Renshaw, a professional rugby player living out his dream. When the world begins to change around him he’s sent to sports psychologist doctor Anna Scott. Their story is one of learning to trust, building a friendship, and working through the ups and downs of the professional athlete. It’s truly a beautifully written work with so much depth within the athlete and the struggles most fans and family don’t recognize as part of the formula which makes the athlete whole.

Model Boyfriend is the continued story of what happens after an athlete retires. Nick Renshaw’s a young athlete at the end of a career, which he isn’t mentally ready to give up as it was injuries terms, not his. The scope of the love story with Dr. Scott and Renshaw speaks to both sides of the issue with the frustration of an athlete, and the partner who is left helpless as they come to terms with living life without the sport. Again, the rugby insights are fantastic. The heartfelt frustrations and battles—both internal and external—for Nick Renshaw build the beauty of his dynamic characterization. Dr. Anna Scott is the perfect juxtaposed heroine for Renshaw. She’s smart, patient, and willing to let Renshaw work through his transition, no matter how long he takes. A beautiful duet by Jane Harvey-Berrick and Stuart Reardon.

One of the things that caught my eye with this duet was the rugby aspect. Many of you know my oldest graduated high school and hung up his baseball cleats when he entered college. However, he joined the rugby team. He’s heading into his fifth year of rugby, and I’m still green behind the ears watching it. Stuart Reardon’s rugby scenes were an eye-opener and teaching tool for me as a reader. He explained a knock-on which finally made sense to me! He wrote of the physical rigor, which I already knew from watching, but his words created the depth which made Nick Renshaw the character who brought tears to my eyes as well as made me live the story through Nick’s eyes.

Additionally, my husband was lost when his own football career came to an end. The struggle as he transitioned was difficult. I felt every ounce of Both Nick and Anna’s side of the story in Undefeated and Model Boyfriend as it was all too real and I’ve had to live with that too. Like I said at the opening, they nailed this try in all the ways possible with this duet.

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Stuart is a retired England International Rugby League player whose career spanned 16 years as a professional playing for several top League clubs. He has had several major injuries that nearly ended his career just as in Undefeated, the amazing collaboration with Jane.
Currently, he is a Personal trainer living in Cheshire, UK, and has an online fitness program: Fear Nothing Fitness.

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Jane is a best-selling author of compelling, thought-provoking contemporary romances. Her first collaboration with Stuart is UNDEFEATED.

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