Angel of Mine – A Heavenly Read

When Zane Michaelson first asked me to take a look at the cover for Angel of Mine, I examined each detail with the same literary skills as I do the written word. This cover speaks of good and evil, Heaven and Hell, protection and grief, ethereal entities, and the darkness nobody escapes in life. This all transcends and morphs into the world of Gabriella and Angelo.

Michaelson creates their world through the dynamic characterization of Gabriella and Angelo in a timeless stream of events which parallel multiple ideologies and turns traditional into a thought-provoking tale. He masterfully entwines the deadly sins and weaves the virtues through his tactful prose. Angel of Mine is a work of art from the outside cover to the sheets which lie between. The labor of dried ink and depth of thought from this world to beyond is evident in this incredible journey taken by both Gabriella and Angelo.  Angel of Mine is a must read!

By Zane Michaelson
Releasing via Happy Ever After Publishing
on 1st of October 2018

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* ˚🔥Blurb
All Ella Montgomery had ever wanted was to fall in love and marry the perfect man.

One day, and when least expected, she encounters, Angelo, a handsome stranger.

Falling head over heels in love with him, she can’t believe her luck.

Are her wildest dreams about to come true?

Initially swept away by their whirlwind romance, it isn’t long before strange occurrences force Ella to question who Angelo truly is.

Where does he come from?

Are his motives pure?

Is he really in love with her?

Nothing could prepare Ella for the truth.

Angel of Mine will take you on true love’s ultimate journey – from happiness to heartbreak and back again.



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