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CM Genovese, where does one start? He’s an author who understands the depth of character development and how it moves the plot along as well as suspense and conflict. He also creates a society where the laws are loose, but the judge and juries are decided by the underworlds who rule it.  He challenges the traditional and sorts out the outlaws or rather presiding justice of the outlaws.

Calm’s Storm, the title alone exudes the motif at hand. An adjective which possesses a noun is cleaver and truthful. He does the same with the prequel, Anger’s Fear. Genius! The titles exude a sophistication which traditionally is not seen in many works. He not only breathes life into the titles, but he also hits the literary home run with them.

Link and Tesla’s unique relationship presents a paradox of sorts. Link exemplifies confidence with all that his lawless, restless, and unrefined behaviors. While Tesla shows promise, purity in an unpure society, and freedom. Their ties create a bond which holds the glue together for the MC, but is it strong enough when you throw in a cult, runaways, and a plethora of business deals which could be powder kegs with one misstep? The brilliance in CM Genovese’s details and infusion of literary tricks makes this a read not worth missing!

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Love is not always patient. Love is not always kind. It cuts deep, and it scars. It sometimes hardens a fragile heart. CM Genovese spins sexy tales that pair bad boy alpha males with tough, wild, and feisty women. Both with quick tongues and fiery tempers. Neither with a hint of inhibition. Real romance doesn’t take place on rose petals. It happens on the hood of a car. This is romance in the raw.
Under the pen name Chris Genovese, I write romantic books that aren’t quite as dark. Under the pen name Carver Pike, I write horror and dark fantasy. So, CM Genovese is right in the middle. It’s edgy, gritty romance.

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