Joshua Edward Smith—Singularity


Joshua Edward Smith continues dazzling his audience with his newest work, Singularity. The plot hits too close to home with its topic nailing the tainted financial institutions and the 21st-century era of hacking and empty currencies corrupting the stock market. Smith’s ability diving deep into a topic shows as he dissects the idea of cryptocurrency and explores the dark side of greed and deception as his cast characters hack away at the financial system. Even for those who do not dabble in the marketplace, Smith provides plenty of explanation and exploration of this explosive topic. Singularity adds one more notch carved out in Smith’s wide repertoire of works.


Release Date: May 14, 2019

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Eileen is a smart, successful Millennial with a great career, a best friend, and an exciting new love interest. Yet nothing in her idyllic life is as it seems: her love interest has a devastating secret; her friend’s life is imploding; her job may be triggering a global financial crisis. As everything unravels, can a small group of friends change the course of the world economy?

Fast-paced, suspenseful, and sophisticated, Singularity paints an intimate portrait of the evolution of deep friendships on a canvas woven from cryptography, blockchain, quantum physics, law, and finance.


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