Ashes to Ashes—All is fair in the game of life…

The final chapters of Tyson Reece’s walk on the dark side leave the reading community weeping yet hopeful as justice prevails in the end. Zane Michaelson left the ink wet on this trilogy and no doubt remained in anyone’s mind where justice is served in the most unlikely of ways. Michaelson completes Reece’s tragic walk on the dark side of crime and corruption with the most altruistic of outcomes. From start to finish Michaelson serves justice and sticks with his themes despite the rough road they pave. There is no substitute for staying on the moral path to good, and evil never walks the path of freedom. Bravo Mr. Michaleson on a job sweetly showing where upholding the truth will set one free.


Selling my Soul: Part Three – Ashes to Ashes
by Zane Michaelson

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A sickening death shatters Tyson Reece’s heart into a million pieces, sending him spiralling further into addiction and reliance on Kieran Wayland.

DI Zara Mulaney realises she has lost control and is terrified Tyson will die, either at the hands of Wayland or the drugs he craves to get him through the day.
Worrying about Tyson isn’t the only matter Mulaney must contend with–her boss, Giovanni Mallea, now knows she is working against him.

Terrified she knows enough to send him to jail for life, he carefully weighs up his options.

Is there anything that could lead back to him, Wayland, or worse still, Lena Aarden?

The final pieces of the puzzle are moving into place, but with more surprises to come, who will live to tell the tale?

Selling my Soul Series:

by Zane Michaelson

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In the dark corners of society lies the greedy and lecherous who prey on the weak and poor.
Welcome to the world of Tyson Reece, a man with a haunting past.

That past comes calling in the form of Reece’s ex, Kieran Wayland, a devilish man who believes he’s immortal in the underworld of crime lords.

In a series of parallel events, DI Zara Mulaney suspects Wayland’s hands are dirty in multiple unspeakable crimes and has been working tirelessly, determined to bring him to justice.

Mulaney connects with Reece to form a working relationship, using Reece as an informant with his connection to Wayland.
Unfortunately, Reece and Mulaney wrap themselves in a case far more twisted and revolting than they prepared for the deeper they uncover the trail of Wayland’s powerful connections.

Who can they trust and who will live to tell the tale?
There are no winners in this revolting world of drugs, sex trafficking, pornography and murder. There are only the survivors and the dead.

Read the acclaimed series from Zane Michaelson and prepare to be pulled into a world many refuse to believe exists.

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