Hush—The Truth of All Injustice…

Orion Darby thought of herself as one lucky girl until that fateful day when her innocence proved to be her downfall. Maddox knew in his heart that the community’s lack of interest in the poor girl’s disappearance was more than a trailer park run away, Fate brought them back together, but the sparkle that once lit up Orion had faded and the darkness of her tragedy wore heavy on her soul.

Anne Malcolm and BT Urruela unravel the sick underworld of sex trafficking. However, their approach to the subject diverges from the usual victim and assailant trope. The third-person limited, and times almost a hint of omniscient point of view, allows for the reader to experience the disconnect Orion has with her abuse during childhood and in captivity, It’s a unique perspective which certainly proved to be a winner in taking the author’s craft of tone and delivering the proper mood. The selection of Orion as a name is brilliant. It strengthens characterization and builds the resilience needed to cope with such a tragedy. Malcolm and Urruela bring a richness to the psychological damage not recognized by most in the face of the deepest scars left behind from those captured and toyed within the sex trafficking world. While Orion represents the wisdom learned through the eyes of a victim, Maddox juxtaposes her to the true north of justice. The brilliance of the work exists in the paradox which unfolds between the hunter and the prey.

This was not my first experience reading BT Urruela, but I am pleasantly thrilled to have a new author to read in Anne Malcolm. This is a thriller you’ll want to pick up!


They were taken.
Off the street. From parking lots. Malls. Playgrounds.
Snatched from life and thrust into hell.
They took Orion Darby on a perfect summer day, while she could still taste her first kiss on her lips.
She joined the others with chains on their ankles and scars on their souls.
They turned into nothing more than statistics. Cold cases. Lost girls.
Years passed and the world forgot.

Until the day they escaped.

This is not about their captivity.
This is about their struggle to return to a life that’s passed them by.
This was the real world.
But for Orion, this was hell.
You see… freedom isn’t enough.
She needs blood.


by BT Urruela and Anne Malcom

Coming August 11th. ⁣

Preorder everywhere.


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