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Does Money Buy Happiness, Wealthy Playboy Might Change Your Mind!

Wells Covington likes his women in pairs, and his money coming in from all directions. He translates numbers into greenbacks and takes no prisoners as he gathers up his holdings and turns everything into gold. It all stops when he meets his first real challenge in the sexy form of Meadow Carlson. She’s bright, intuitive, and always a step ahead of Covington. Women used to be a bed ’em and shed ’em for Covington until Carlson challenged not only his body but his mind.

Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf team up for another tale in the Cocky Suits Series with Wealthy Playboy. The intricate chess game played between Wells Covington and Meadow Carlson intrigues the mind and contains all the humor, feels, and entertainment of the cocky suits of Chicago the readers have grown accustomed to, as Howell and Wolf dig deeper into the tight niche group which surrounds the Collins brothers. This time around, the cat-and-mouse game takes a few turns which provides the reader with a rollercoaster path of laughter to tears and onto something deeper, as Covington is served his notice that bachelorhood is behind him. Unfortunately for this self-proclaimed single man, he needs the proper time and keys to convince Meadow that she’s the one for him. Another sweet romance with plenty of hot steamy scenes and heartfelt warmth as the fall season arrives and everyone is ready to snuggle in and get reading!


He’s everything she hates.

Arrogant. Cocky. Wealthy.

Wells Covington is the Tony Stark of Wall Street.

He’s never met a deal he couldn’t conquer, and never met a human who could out maneuver him.

Until her… and she’s the only thing on his mind.

Meadow Carlson.

She tanks his mega real estate deal the first time they meet.

Billions of dollars, business, friendships, and family are at stake.

Their worlds threaten to crumble around them.

But only one question remains…

Can they keep their fire alive or will everything they’ve worked so hard for burn to the ground?

Wealthy Playboy is a full length contemporary romance that has all the feels and of course their signature Happily Ever After. Enjoy!

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