Pretty Playboy Hits the Mark!

In all good stories, the hero and heroine butt heads and bring some good lessons to the table. Make no mistake, in Pretty Playboy, Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf hit those trope marks and then hit the sweet spot. They’ve created book eight of the Cocky Suits Novels with as much passion and fire as the first seven. However, they drive home some real-life issues which also play to the heartstrings and provide depth and breadth to the characterization development for both the main characters, Penn Hargrove and Campbell Page. Hargrove emulates the typical “Pretty Boy” with the world at his fingertips and no steady relationship, as he is “too good” to get caught in the dating pool. While Page holds a truth near and dear to her soul; she fights for the rights of others and has no time for relationships, and all the clutter they bring to the table. Howell and Wolf work their characters like any good coach and challenge them beyond what they think they are capable of, and the key here is love. They test Hargrove and Campbell’s ability to love and be loved through a natural, yet well-coaxed design. With each Cocky Suit Novel the characters, conflicts, and major plot elements get better and better. These two creative authors leave it to pop culture, allusions, humor, heartache, and passion-driven motivators to provide a solid wrap-up to the Cocky Suits Novel Chicago Series and Pretty Playboy hits the mark!

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He wants her. She hates him.

Penn Hargrove is a playboy.

He goes through women so fast he doesn’t remember their names.

Until he sees her…

Campbell Page, the ball-busting, no nonsense union rep.

The first time she glares at him, he knows there’s more behind those light blue eyes and sassy mouth.

He wants her in his bed. She wants to kill him, more than once.

He’s relentless in his pursuit.

He won’t stop until he has her.

When she finally gives in, crushing secrets are revealed that threaten to rip them apart at the seams.

When the smoke clears, one question remains…

Will they sail off into the sunset, or sink in the wake?

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