The For Him Series Heats Up!

A.M. Johnson continues writing the perfect feels in the next installment of the For Him series with To Whom it May Concern. Clay Saxton and Syrus Albie make magic over the microphone while they partner up with a manuscript, a beautiful voice, and a passion warming their souls—not only in the task at hand but on a personal level neither expected.

Syrus, the nerdy introvert with quirky ticks turns out to be a character who finds his wings when Clay turns out to be the one to tear Syrus away from his cocoon. Each man, a success in his own rights, also hides behind barriers they’ve built for themselves. The experience of watching them grow when one spark lights a new pathway breathes life into both characters and turns them from static to dynamic in no time.

A great novella that will put a smile on your face.


To whom it may concern,

I can’t be sure what you’re into, that being said, if you like sexy and sweet romance with a whole lot of quirk, keep reading…

Ever since Clay Saxon’s parents passed away a year ago, he’s been stuck in a rut, running their business, and suffering from the worst writer’s block ever. But when Syrus Albie, aka yellow sweater guy, (you’ll see) walks into The End Book Store, Clay’s mundane little world turns to sunshine.

I don’t want to ruin it, but I can definitely say, when an introverted as hell narrator finally meets his favorite author and crush, all of his usual protocols go up in flames.

Set in the For Him World, this standalone is the perfect introduction or addition to this steamy MM collection.

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