Bitter Sweet Heart Checks all the Boxes

Helena Hunting checks all the boxes and scores big with Bitter Sweet Heart. Maverick Waters carries the world on his shoulders. He’s an altruistic young man, mature beyond his years. However, hidden deep inside lives a little boy hiding in the shadows of his past. He holds that boy at bay until he meets his destiny and lighthouse in the storm in Clover Sweet. The hot summer one-night fling haunts him in ways he didn’t expect. His world stops when Clover stands at the podium of his senior writing class, The professor who slipped into his life changes his hopes and dreams.

Maverick Waters scores all the points with his dynamic characterization. Hunting’s development between Maverick and Clover not only shows physical chemistry but digs deep into two people truly committed to unconditional love. For readers unfamiliar with the Pucked series this particular novel shows a new side of the Waters family and the depth of commitment, love, and understanding each member contributes to the dynamic.

Hunting brilliantly weaves the humor and lightheartedness of this hockey series but she threads in more heartstring pulling which ultimately leaves Maverick as one of the most well-rounded men in the series. He and Clover work through more than their share and the dynamic of the age gap washes away with each step they move forward.

If you have not slipped your feet onto the ice and ventured down the path of this hockey series, it is high time to do so. Hunting builds a world well worth the read.

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