Hitting It Out of the Park

Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf hit it out of the park with Tripp: A Cocky Suits Novel. The witty banter which encapsulates Tripp Patton and Lennon Edwards is brilliantly penned. It wouldn’t be a Howell and Wolf experience without the rich allusion references.

The truth behind Howell and Wolf sailing that ball over the back wall resides in the push and pull between the dynamic characterization they build between Tripp and Lennon. Watching these two develop over the course of their story leaves the reader with a vast array of emotions. One special gift Howell and Wolf leave the readers with is not knowing exactly who to root for as both characters come ready to play ball.


Tripp Patton is not the guy you take home to meet your mom.

He is the number one sports agent in the world, and he didn’t get there by playing nice.
On the verge of signing the biggest player of his career, someone gets in his way.

Lennon Edwards, a younger agent trying to make a name for herself. She’s hungry for success, relentless, and drop-dead gorgeous.

As the two go to war, attraction finds its way into the equation. Will Tripp crush Lennon’s hope or be the man of her dreams?

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