Confetti – A Truly Beautiful Read

Megan and Storm begin as the typical tropes; the heavier set girl who dates little and finds success in her work to cover for her insecurities and Storm the suave, wealthy upper crust who  is normally scene with high profile models hanging off his arm.

Zane and Jenna Michaelson turn this trope into a lovely deep dive into the character of a person and what makes people worthy of love, life, and limitless dreams. They penned the superficial and swam in the thick roots of what ingredients constitute upstanding moral and ethical human beings. The laughs and tears the Michaelson’s are able to pull from their readers remains on par for the beautiful story of the true depth of loving oneself and understanding the unconditional love for others.

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For shy, overweight, and awkward, thirty-something, Megan Blanchet, life has yet to begin.

Stuck in a rut, for years she’s watched from the side-lines as others found true love and happiness.

At the wedding of her best friend, Beatrice, she’s approached by the devilishly handsome, charismatic, and well-known player, Storm Bloom.

He’s immediately enchanted by Megan, and despite her reluctance, whisks her onto the dancefloor.

As the music reaches its crescendo and jaws drop in disbelief that Storm could ever be interested in her, he steals a kiss, setting in motion a chain of events that rocks Megan’s last vestige of confidence to the core.

Convincing herself that Storm’s interest in her to be that of folly, she initially pushes him away. But allowing her guard to slip, even momentarily, his words strike a chord deep within her heart, and although she’s terrified of making a fool of herself, she offers him one chance to prove there’s more to him than his bad boy reputation would lead her to believe.

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