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Where it all began…

Years ago I graduated from college thinking elementary school and English would be my life. After traveling about three hours a day in crazy freeway traffic and having baby number one, I decided a change in occupations was necessary. I went to work in the video production and post-production business. I made my own hours, doted on the hubby, and raised my kids. However, I kept taking courses to learn more about education trends and changes. I even resorted to trying things out on my own offspring. There came a crossroads and my family suggested I go back to teaching. My husband, and biggest fan, stood behind our children and pushed for the career change once more along with begging me to enroll in a masters program.

Now that my little ones are not so little I needed more to occupy my very busy mind. I began reading like a mad woman. Naturally I fell into the idea of writing something of my own. As the ball got rolling I found my writing became the escape I needed. I followed through some very short pieces and then joined in the fun completing my first work in 2016. It has been a great ride so far and I plan to keep the ball rolling!

Bragging rights


• Long time marriage to the love of my life #loveatfirstsight #madeitagainstallodds

• Three brilliant offspring #inamotherseyes #alwaysamom

• two crazy dogs #goldendoodle #dogsalwaysloveyou

• Love baseball #lovebaseball #fanofthediamond

• National Writing Fellow #lifelonglearner

• Love reading and writing #needtowinthelottery

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About the Nerdy Novelist

Maggie Jane Schuler is a wife, mother of three almost-grown children, and teacher by day. While she has always loved to read, the thought of writing her own prose did not strike until she was in the middle of writing her Master’s thesis. From that point on, she was hooked. She resides in

Southern California. Besides the family and books, she loves baseball. Since the Dodgers, Angels, and Padres are all within a short distance, and the Giants and Athletics a nice weekend jaunt away, she’s got plenty of games to take in during the season. Additionally, she enjoys cooking, movies, the beach, and the local mountains. She’s most content being with her family engaged in whatever activity they have planned.