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Research Required

Coming October 14, 2020

Abigail Spencer excelled in all things academic, including graduating at the top of her class. Her payoff came with a job offer she couldn’t refuse at the university she adored. Her life’s plan wrapped in a neat, tidy package until the man who lived in her dreams, and never in her reality, knocked down her walls.

Wall Street entertained Elliot Thompson until he grew tired of playing with fat cats with no morals. The golden boy changed directions when he charmed his way into the office of the Presidency at a top tier university. Never one to sit back waiting for life to happen, he found himself drawn to the one thing that challenged a rule he swore he’d never breach; an affair with an employee. His resolve wavered when he set his sights on an attractive wallflower. She turned into the one goal he never planned on fulfilling, but she became the one he knew he couldn’t live without.

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Along the Shore

Along the Shore

Surf Series


Release Date: August 13, 2019

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The world dulled when you decided the fate of my future. Our son speaks of you as a
superhero, and I grapple with the idea I wasn’t good enough to keep you here, safe—with us. I spend my days working to support our son, and my nights turn into one endless string of reckless decisions because reality provides no comfort. The truth of the situation buried deep down, since you’re gone, and I stand drowning in my own grief.


Along the shore, there’s a lady whose torment captured me the first time her aura caught my eye. Her beauty holds steady behind the mask she wears every morning. Something about her piques my interest as the days go by, and I know deep inside my mission beckons to uncover her secret and bring her back among the living. Written in her body language, speaks a familiar road I traveled. A road of sorrow nobody deserves stranded alone in its strangled web.

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When love finds itself within the same borders.

Release DateL: August 13, 2020

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Milo Garcia dreamed of leaving his Texas town behind after years of torment from his washed-up football player father. Only two obstacles blocked his freedom: the completion of his degree and convincing his mother to follow him. Until an unexpected new British student shatters his Middletown America beliefs.

Edward Baines-Tennant decided to study abroad after growing tired of his life in Cambridge. He arrived in the states to study both in the classroom and the bedroom. His world halts when he meets his match on the first day of classes. His head tells him to leave well enough alone, but his heart leads him elsewhere.

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Shattered Beliefs happen when the heart and head do not agree.