Moment of Truth

Author QT Ruby debuted in August of 2015 with her novel A Matter of Trust. The story captivated her audiences attention as she wrote with a passion about Claire and Dan’s unlikely story. Ruby develops both Claire and Dan as they struggle with the budding of a new relationship and the difficulties brought about by each of their chosen careers.

With great sidekicks written in, helping Claire along, her roommates bring out the fun side of Claire’s rather conservative life. While Dan’s buddies love the boyhood behaviors of the Hollywood nightlife with Dan. From opposite sides of the country Claire and Dan feel the sizzle immediately upon meeting in New York, and from that single moment the fun begins.

Claire spreads her wings and now it is time to venture through her next steps in A Moment of Truth. The adventure is just beginning!

I read A Matter of Trust last August upon its release. I stumbled upon QT Ruby through researching the romance genre, and up and coming authors. I have read and re-read A Matter of Trust so many times my swiping finger needed PT. I love the dynamics of the conservative Claire as she develops into her own person, much to the dismay of her parents. Claire coming into her own is a beautiful piece of the story, but her willingness to try things with Dan is the turning point. QT Ruby’s writing style breathes fresh air into her work as well. She has humor, wit, passion, and underlying love at the root of her piece. Excited to get on with Claire and Dan in A Moment of Truth.

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