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Pike Turns Up the Heat on Education!

Grad Night sets into play ever educators frustrations with the triangle of the education system: The administration, the parents. and the students. Carver Pike lights up every surface issue plaguing the system and then drives the stake right into the center of the issue. Pike has a knack for pulling out the day to day and preying on the deeper senses of your imagination. Those normal things that shouldn’t curl your toenails and cause the hair on your neck to stand at attention, but he grabs those ordinary things and twists them into the deepest fears lurking in the recesses of your mind. A well played out horror story played on the ideals Hitchcok laid out decades ago that a good suspense horror is based on dramatic irony. However, it is apparent that Pike also plays off the satirical nature of mankind’s deepest evils—himself.


This is not YA horror, and these aren’t your typical teenagers.

The teachers at DS High know something’s not right. It’s the reason they don’t stay late to grade papers, they leave school in packs so nobody’s alone, and they stay away from the one boy with the cult-like following. Evil walks the high school hallways and everyone knows its name: James Bender.

They’ve made it through the school year unscathed. Well, almost. Now, the graduating class is planning something special for their favorite teachers. It’s by personal invite only.

Teachers are dying for an invitation. Here’s yours.

Join us at this year’s Grad Night party. It’ll be one you’ll never forget.

Carver Pike takes ordinary circumstances, cinches them tight with razor wire, and then saws back and forth. Gasp for air, holler for help, and pray for an end to the madness.

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Filthy Playboy—Perhaps a Bit More Chaste!

Dexter Collins wears his cocky suit on the outside, but inside, he’s a different kind of storm. His story isn’t one he’s wanted to share until Abigail slips into his thoughts and won’t leave. He’s maybe cocky in the firm, but when it comes to Abigail, he’s tormented and unrefined in her wake.

Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf create the perfect paradox in Dexter Collins. His dynamic character a perfect juxtaposition between his outside cockiness and inside momma’s boy heart. Unlike Decon and Decker, Dexter rides the fine line of quirky humor and wit with a filthy sexual appetite, but his emotions rise up upon his sleeve to those with a keen eye and listening ear. He’s everything Abigail hadn’t planned on but deep down she knows he’s pudding in her hand! Unfortunately careers, family, geography and egos always play a big part in breaking down the rules and Dex and Abby certainly break their own rules.

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Say goodbye to the last decade 2010 – 2019

2010 – 2019 The decade soon to fall into a distant past came with many highlights, sacrifices, and growth.

My highlights:

• Came back from the dead! Literally…2009 changed my perspective for the ensuing decade.

• I turned 40 in 2010. The ’40s is where I hit my stride.

• I returned to teaching in 2010. Something I missed and didn’t realize it until I entrenched myself back in the ranks. This set off the chain of events which changed my path and brought back something I’d cast aside for the previous decades—me.

•Mr. and I have almost lived through raising three teenagers. We shipped all three off to college. Eldest completed his masters and came off the payroll. (took us 23 years to achieve this task but every step of sacrificing me was worth it!). Middle is two quarters away from setting his own path after college. Little had a rough start for the first semester, but by the end, she figured it out and is on her way to making a difference in the world. I wouldn’t change dedicating Me or Us to them as the results thus far have proved worth every ounce of pouring myself/ourselves into them.

• Celebrated three decades with the Mr. who captured my heart back in 1989. I didn’t realize it at eighteen, but now at forty-nine he always captured my heart even when I pushed him away for the first six months I knew him. He’s always known what he wants and he always drives toward that goal. He supports our family in every way from the roof over our heads to the dreams we all seek for ourselves and the collective. I’m not always easy and his support from the moment he knew we were a “we” has never wavered. Like I wrote before, he is my rock!

• However, finding me was part of this journey too.

•I completed my masters and it only fueled the nerd in me. I found the National Writing Project, became a fellow, and continue learning with like-minded folks who believe the reading writing path is interconnected. They know the system of education is broken but not the practice behind why we do what we do for students. I love researching with them and discovering new ways of conveying what everybody deserves—literacy in a confusing world of ever-changing rules.

• I discovered a new reading genre in romance. A genre I discounted for the previous three decades of my life. I still read all over the place, but I’ve found amazing authors with stories filled with real life, real situations, real heart headache, real love, and so much more.

• This reading romance books turned into an amazing journey. I can’t express enough how this has become a piece of me that needed exploring and filled missing pieces of my own puzzle. In 2017, I finally expressed the stories in my head and turned them into works others have enjoyed reading. This journey comes full circle with the reading writing continuum on a personal level; one I cherish with each author, reader, blogger, photographer, model, and more involved with this industry. There are so many great people I’ve met along this path. Each providing me more hope in the crazy world we live in. Each unique and supportive in ways I never found in other industries. This indie world is a big family—some you love dearly as family members, others are the cantankerous relatives who challenge you at times when you’re not expecting it, and then the good friends who make you feel welcome no matter the issue at hand. All of these relationships have helped this decade turn into one of the greatest changes I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

• It is my hope that this next decade, the “twenties,” perhaps not roaring, but still soaring and continuing to force me into challenging myself to reach new heights. If I can make my mark in changing something in the educational paradigm, write more works which bring my stories into the hands of more readers, read more great works, and watch my children take flight on the path of life with Mr. by my side every step of the way, then I’ll consider this next decade a win.

To say this has been a cathartic journey from 2010 to 2019 only mildly expresses how much I’ve grown as a human being this last decade. So my wishes for everyone out there is Happy New Year, follow your dreams, follow your heart, and most importantly don’t forget the “Me” in you along your own path. Godspeed XXOOXX Maggie Jane

The 1st step in 2020!

The Surf Series

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In the Surf


Liam recalls the life of his best friend while desperately trying to make sense of the hopelessness he finds himself in after his friend, Byron, takes his own life.


*This novella was originally released in the Letting Hope Enter Anthology. A foreword and afterword have been added for the re-release as a prequel to Along the Shore.*


Along the Shore

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The world dulled when you decided the fate of my future. Our son speaks of you as a superhero, and I grapple with the idea I wasn’t good enough to keep you here, safe—with us. I spend my days working to support our son, and my nights turn into one endless string of reckless decisions because reality provides no comfort. The truth of the situation buried deep down, since you’re gone, and I stand drowning in my own grief.


Along the shore, there’s a lady whose torment captured me the first time her aura caught my eye. Her beauty holds steady behind the mask she wears every morning. Something about her piques my interest as the days go by, and I know deep inside my mission beckons to uncover her secret and bring her back among the living. Written in her body language, speaks a familiar road I traveled. A road of sorrow nobody deserves stranded alone in its strangled web.

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Michaelson’s Ice Queen is a timeless holiday read!


Zane Michaelson takes the folklore of the season to a whole new level. He writes a tale of life, love, salvation, and preservation. In true Michaelson style, he infuses sweet twists of fate, which mark this work with his most notable talent as an author. He centers the Ice Queen around the central theme of people do not always know makes others tick, but they do know what it takes to survive and navigate best for themselves. This tale does not come free of struggle, with a glimpse of heartache, a sprinkle of what-ifs, and a handful of surviving change over time, but it does come packed full of a sweet rejuvenation, a shine of fate, and a delicious spoonful of love. Grab your hot cocoa and snuggle in for this timeless holiday read.


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On Christmas Eve, a small rowing boat washes up on Liberty Island in New York City.

The small vessel houses the frozen body of a silver-haired woman adorned with a jewel-encrusted crown resting on her head.

Kylie Winter, a beautiful and ambitious reporter, is first on the scene, and like the rest of the world, she is immediately drawn into the mystery.

Dubbed the Ice Queen by media outlets worldwide, a race begins to identify who the angelic frozen castaway is and where she came from?

Kylie happens upon a man tormented with grief who claims a connection with the frozen beauty.

Driven by her instincts and curiosity for the fantastical story presented to her by this stranger, Kylie embarks on a magical adventure which opens her eyes to the beauty most lose as children; the ability to believe in magic.

…Sometimes, you just have to believe in the unbelievable.



In the Unlikely Event: The Most Likely of Things Happen!

Lies, deceit, undermining in the name of love, protection, self-sacrifice is the wild ride of the game between Aurora and Malachy. The star crossed lovers met in a twenty-four-hour whirlwind love affair. One destined to bind them and destined to destroy all they know. A contract written on a napkin ties their future together. But is the future one they can handle?

L.J. Shen creates an unorthodox paradox of the lover’s triangle in her latest work. However, this lover’s triangle digs deep into the id and super-ego with the ego tamping down the two as they quarrel over the plight of their situation. Shen develops a web of human interaction that interferes with fate all in the name of protecting the ones you love most. She successfully destroys the hero and heroine and unfolds the dirty details of a past better left hidden, a present built upon lies, and a future set in the stars. Shen takes a chance in this work with a stylistic choice of speaking from the grave, utilizing personification in a unique manner, and providing a specific context where changing POV from animate to inanimate which supplies a richness over the entire work. Never fear, Shen is still the risk-taker with all the taboo and anti-heroism mixed nicely with these new elements in the craft. My hats off to Shen for taking In the Unlikely Event to most likely to happen in a paradoxical work that highlights fate cannot be ignored, so it’s best to stop fighting it!



𝑆𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒𝑠 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑚𝑒𝑒𝑡 𝑝𝑒𝑜𝑝𝑙𝑒 𝑤ℎ𝑜 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑜𝑢𝑡 𝑜𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑, 𝑠𝑜 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑚 𝑎 𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡 𝑜𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠.

A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land.
An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny.
We signed a contract on the back of a Boar’s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together.
Eight years and thousands of miles later, he’s here.
In New York.
And he’s America’s music obsession.
The intangible Irish poet who brings record executives to their knees.
The blizzard in my perfect, unshaken snow globe.
Last time we spoke, he was a beggar with no intention of becoming a king.
But a king he became, and now I’m his servant.
I’m not the same broken princess Malachy Doherty put back together with his callused hands.
I have a career I love.
A boyfriend I adore.
An apartment, a roommate, a life.
I changed. He changed, too.
But Mal kept the napkin.
Question is, will I keep my word

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Possessive Playboy: When the stakes change the game!

Deacon Collins isn’t quite sure how to handle himself when he begins an office sexcapde with Quinn Richards. Unfortunately for Deacon, Quinn treats this for what it is—office sex only and he wants more. Deacon seeks to raise the stakes and capture the full-time attention of Quinn, while she has lofty goals in place which do not include Deacon Collins.

Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf take the Collins dynasty to a new level with Deacon. The wealthy lawyer trope isn’t new, but what is refreshing and fun is Quinn’s attitude and mindset. She knows what she wants and refuses to waver from her end goals. Her drive and moral gauge help fuel the intrigue and change in Deacon. Unlike the first couple in Cocky Playboy, Decker and Tate who are mirror images of one another, Deacon and Quinn each hold separate strengths that complement one another. The dynamic combination of Deacon recognizing from the get-go he wants Quinn, as well as Quinn’s self-directed and confident demeanor, set the tone for this second work in the Cocky Suits Chicago collection. A fun-loving read, with all the banter Howell and Wolf are known for wrapped into a nice HEA!


Policy: Don’t sleep with your brother’s secretary.

Problem: Deacon Collins is a wealthy playboy and does what he pleases.

It started out innocent.

He yanked her into the supply closet and lost his briefs. Not the legal kind.

Now, he wants more.

More of her soft curves and sweet mouth.

More than just quickies against a cabinet.

Quinn can throw the flowers he sends in the trash and hide behind company policy all she wants.

At the end of the day…

He will have her.

If you love wealthy, possessive alpha males and strong heroines, this series is for YOU!

Possessive Playboy is the second book in the Cocky Suits Chicago series, but they can be read in any order. It’s a full-length standalone romance novel with a Happily Ever After.

Ashes to Ashes—All is fair in the game of life…

The final chapters of Tyson Reece’s walk on the dark side leave the reading community weeping yet hopeful as justice prevails in the end. Zane Michaelson left the ink wet on this trilogy and no doubt remained in anyone’s mind where justice is served in the most unlikely of ways. Michaelson completes Reece’s tragic walk on the dark side of crime and corruption with the most altruistic of outcomes. From start to finish Michaelson serves justice and sticks with his themes despite the rough road they pave. There is no substitute for staying on the moral path to good, and evil never walks the path of freedom. Bravo Mr. Michaleson on a job sweetly showing where upholding the truth will set one free.


Selling my Soul: Part Three – Ashes to Ashes
by Zane Michaelson

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A sickening death shatters Tyson Reece’s heart into a million pieces, sending him spiralling further into addiction and reliance on Kieran Wayland.

DI Zara Mulaney realises she has lost control and is terrified Tyson will die, either at the hands of Wayland or the drugs he craves to get him through the day.
Worrying about Tyson isn’t the only matter Mulaney must contend with–her boss, Giovanni Mallea, now knows she is working against him.

Terrified she knows enough to send him to jail for life, he carefully weighs up his options.

Is there anything that could lead back to him, Wayland, or worse still, Lena Aarden?

The final pieces of the puzzle are moving into place, but with more surprises to come, who will live to tell the tale?

Selling my Soul Series:

by Zane Michaelson

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In the dark corners of society lies the greedy and lecherous who prey on the weak and poor.
Welcome to the world of Tyson Reece, a man with a haunting past.

That past comes calling in the form of Reece’s ex, Kieran Wayland, a devilish man who believes he’s immortal in the underworld of crime lords.

In a series of parallel events, DI Zara Mulaney suspects Wayland’s hands are dirty in multiple unspeakable crimes and has been working tirelessly, determined to bring him to justice.

Mulaney connects with Reece to form a working relationship, using Reece as an informant with his connection to Wayland.
Unfortunately, Reece and Mulaney wrap themselves in a case far more twisted and revolting than they prepared for the deeper they uncover the trail of Wayland’s powerful connections.

Who can they trust and who will live to tell the tale?
There are no winners in this revolting world of drugs, sex trafficking, pornography and murder. There are only the survivors and the dead.

Read the acclaimed series from Zane Michaelson and prepare to be pulled into a world many refuse to believe exists.

Howell and Wolf—Cocky Together!


Decker Collins waits for no one and expects the world to kowtow to his wishes. He’s one smart successful attractive lawyer. However, when Tate Reynolds enters his path in the most unconventional way he finds himself a little less cocky and a lot more challenged. Reynolds makes no mistakes as she takes over his thoughts and soon his world beats to a new drum.

For a first co-authored work, Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf turn up the heat with Decker and Tate. The craft of each author is felt as they move through the cocky styles of both main characters and the strength they build not only on the professional level of the white-collar corporate dynamics but also with the power plays in the bedroom. A bright light in the author’s craft within the prose is the uncanny ability to detect the voice each author brings to the story. No doubt they will only get stronger the more they collaborate.


He’s a bastard in Burberry.

Decker Collins knows how to do one thing—win.

When his billion-dollar law practice moves to merge with a firm out of Dallas, she shows up to oversee the transition.

Tate Reynolds—the vixen in Versace.

She’s whip-smart, sassy, and gorgeous. Oh, and she doesn’t take any of Decker’s sh*t.

With the merger hanging in the balance, they go to war with each other.

There’s only one problem. This war isn’t just about business.

Because when they’re not butting heads…

They’re banging headboards.

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Caught in the Lies—Shea’s hot number

Jill Bennet and Cameron McClain light the sheets on fire when they meet, but they soon realize the pulse beating between them is stronger than either of them can resist. Unfortunately, with lies of omission, they catch up with them before truths can be revealed.  When faced with the realities of day to day life choices, they ignore the most basic of human needs—love.

Kacey Shea reaches deep into the heartstrings with Jill and Cam. She works through the nature of the love beyond the trope, with an artistry which colors each work she publishes. She reaches the depth of human compassion and realism true of her Caught works and takes it to another level of goodness. Jill and Cam try to hide beneath the lies of an initial one stand, but soon come to realize that not every one night stand is equal. Through masterful storytelling, Shea brings to life a passionate tale of nonchalance, uncovered in true chivalry and magic between two souls meant to be paired and sewn together with unconditional love. Once again, Shea brings the heat with a firefighter willing to burn up the pages of love and a happy ever after.


There is a prequel, well worth each flip fo the page available also!

🔥One Hot Night 🔥

Prequel Blurb:

“You’re trouble, you know that?”

Fire captain Cameron McClain thinks I’m the meddlesome one, but he’s the instigator. His rugged good looks and confident sense of humor should be illegal. Not to mention his dimples.

They’re partially to blame for why I leave this party and follow him back to his room. I knew we had chemistry, but from the second his lips meet mine, my body catches on fire. All it takes is one touch and the attraction between us combusts into an undeniable heat.

One hot night. That’s all we were meant to be. But now that I know how good we are together, how can I stay away?

ONE HOT NIGHT is a short and steamy prequel to CAUGHT IN THE LIES and available for FREE on all retailers.

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🔥 Caught in the Lies 🔥

Novel Blurb:

Fire captain Cameron McClain dropped into my life with as much subtlety as an unsolicited d*ck pic. I shouldn’t be attracted to him, but I am. He’s too old for me, too alpha for my tastes, and too bossy in the bedroom. Though, I have to admit he knows exactly how to use his . . . firehose.

I’m not interested in a forever kind of relationship, but he’s down for whatever I’m willing to give. Our arrangement is perfect. At least that’s how it begins. I never wanted the happily ever after, but he’s just so tempting.

The smart choice would be to end things before they combust, but for some reason I can’t push Cam away. The harder I try, the harder he—well, you get the picture.
I wish things were different. I want to be someone worthy of his devotion. But the secrets I hold close, they don’t just eat me up inside, they destroy anyone who gets too close.

So, I won’t fall in love. Simple, right?

Wrong. So freaking wrong. I don’t just fall. I crash and burn for this man. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out I’m not the only one telling lies and keeping secrets, and his are enough to rip us apart forever.

CAUGHT IN THE LIES is available now in ebook, audio, and print! Read FREE with KindleUnlimited or buy at special release week pricing!

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