Pig & Barley Series

Mae Wood published her first work Risking Ruin in 2015 and followed it up with Borrowing Trouble. The Pig and Barley Series follows the lives of Marisa and Trip. Each one establishing their rightful place within Corporate and Lawyerly structures. However, when their paths cross the situation explodes with fireworks and major human resource SANFU’s.

Wood’s long standing career in the law truly shows as the reader follows the lives of Marissa and Trip. She also includes the beauties of living in the culture of Memphis, Tennessee and the fun filled local pub, appropriately named Pig & Barley. Anyone reading about Pig & Barley surely would like to grab a cocktail and enjoy the local bar flies and fun occurring within the brick and mortar establishment.

Wood’s is currently working on the third novel for this fun, sexy series. Grab your copies now and enjoy the read! +Mae Wood

Goodreads – Risking Ruin                 Amazon – Risking Ruin

Goodreads – Borrowing Trouble      Amazon – Borrowing Trouble

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