Inspiration for Book One: Title Still in Progress!

Inspiration 001

Enough teasers! After living a little over four decades there are multiple life experiences which played loudly in my head and the characters began to shout out at me. I love the Ivy School appearance and several of those schools exist on the West Coast. After several visits to Northern California several years ago I fell in love with many aspects of one particular university. The buildings spoke of the depth and history which naturally began to lay the foundational setting of book one. Some of my own college antics, or those which turned into urban legend, began to form the basis for several of the characters in the work. Some of the beta readers who have known me for multiple decades emailed me about some of the innocents. We have had few good laughs since theses betas were shoulder to shoulder with me during some of the inspired ideas. Hopefully things fall together for a release later this year. If not then maybe a 2017 kick off. I am continuing to write the tale with book two, and am pleased with the progress. Please exercise a little patience, and hang tight, while I work out all the kinks.


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