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Vices and Virtues: Makeover!

Look what got a new makeover👀

If you haven’t ventured down this path yet, now is the time!

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Vices and Virtues, just opposite sides of the same coin.

Pride to Humility; Greed to Charity; Sloth to Diligence; Gluttony to Temperance; Envy to Kindness; Wrath to Forgiveness; and last but not least, Lust to Chastity.

All Vices and Virtues are the same; it is how people handle them that display their true nature. Which side of the coin will appear? The darkest of sins and purest of beliefs all blend into shades of gray in our realities.

There are no saints here, not one devout. Just twisted truths no one wants to see. Welcome to the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Dark Virtues one never saw coming.

My story, A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance exists among these sinister sins and dark virtues!

Letting Hope Enter – Preorders

Letting Hope Enter: A Charity Set
Featuring: Multiple authors whose only goal is to help support Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Charity: All royalties will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Cover Designer: Skye MacKinnon

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Recently the news has started reporting the near epidemic issue of mental health illness and the rise in suicide rates. It’s a problem which could be handled and controlled so much more effectively if there wasn’t a stigma associated with both suicidal thoughts and mental health problems.

They’re both treated like dirty secrets.

This is a subject which has touched everyone in some way. Some have been affected directly; maybe they thought about it, or possibly even tried to end everything because they thought there was no other way. Others are diagnosed with various illnesses: bipolar, depression, anxiety…None of these should be a cause for shame. These can’t be controlled. People should feel comfortable talking about it and seeking help, instead of feeling like they need to hide it…

…and to know hope is always there, it just needs to be allowed to enter.

**Inside these pages are stories of despair, tragedy and pain, but also filled with hope and love and a way to see the light outside of the darkness.**

My story contribution is In the Surf

Vices and Virtues is Live!

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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•` VICES AND VIRTUES IS LIVE! #99cents
(My story, A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance is included!)


VICES & VIRTUES: An Anthology of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Dark Virtues

Because sometimes, the virtuous are as frightening as the sinful…

Cover Designer: Daqri Bernardo | Covers by Combs

Vices and Virtues coming November 14, 2017


¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)
✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•` Vices and Virtues Coming November 14, 2017

VICES & VIRTUES: An Anthology of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Dark Virtues

Because sometimes, the virtuous are as frightening as the sinful…

Cover Designer: Covers by Combs |

✮ ✮ Featuring stories by ✮ ✮

Stacey Broadbent
Amber K. Bryant
Cyril Bunt
J.M. Butler
Lenore Cheairs
Alana Delacroix
Chris Farmer
Lisa Goldman
Trinity Hanrahan
Kristen Jacques
Rebecca Nolan
Tammy Oja
Aria Peyton
QT Ruby
Maggie Jane Schuler

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Sins will weave you into their webs. They become the Vice you’re unable to shake. There are the values, taught from birth, which ride a razor’s edge. They turn into Dark Virtues, a twisted mockery of their true meaning.

Pride, envy, lust, gluttony, anger, greed and sloth all have their place in the tapestry of life. They are the Vices who lost sight of the Virtues: charity, temperance, forgiveness, humility, kindness, chastity and diligence.

Enter the worlds where the tales of the most sinful of Vices and the darkest of Virtues will entice and intrigue you…

…for even among the most devout there is a dark side.


Temperance Blanco served to bring order to her family and small town. She thought if she practiced her craft and lead the immoral on a path to restraint, life would be perfect. What she didn’t count on was her intense draw to her employer, the handsome new nightclub owner—Raiden Spellman. She thought she had tricks up her sleeve until she found herself captivated by Raiden and unaware of her place in the Cards of life.

Up to Bat New Cover Reveal Soon!


Maggie Jane Schuler is back with her second novel, Up to Bat.
This is an edge of your seat suspense romance.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This storyline is filled with suspense, mystery, intrigue, secrets, twists, humour, and romance.” —Wendy Livingstone

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Ms. Schuler is the newest member on the list of authors trying to KILL ME, and will be hash tagged #EVILWHORE FOREVERMORE!” —Jennifer Peirson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Schuler has a unique writing voice that caught my attention right away. —Lizzy L


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I’ve planned well, studied hard, and dreamed of my future. It keeps me alive, ignoring the things from my painful past. The thing about life is that it can throw a curveball into your path that you can’t anticipate, and plan accordingly.

But life’s cruel. It offers both good and bad, and no time for the right reaction.

My junior year of college should be one of the best but my chance run-in with a loner freshman that harbors deep secrets soon pulls me into her mysterious world. Unfortunately, her omissions of truth find me in a dangerous place.

Then, I meet Blake Angel. He is one of those curveballs of life…easy on the eyes, and every time we touch, sparks fly. But I can’t. I won’t. I have a game plan, a play-by-play for my future.

Before I realize it, everything has changed. The hidden secrets and lies only confuse me more. Worse, I may not be able to save myself, Samantha Sawyer, from those that now hunt me—and I have no idea why.


Cover Design: Mr. @ Maggie Jane Schuler

Editing: Underline this Editing, Librium Artis Editorial, Spell Bound

Formatting: CP Smith


Secret Project Reveal!


I’ve been asked, along with 13 other fabulous authors, to write a short fiction piece that will be part of an anthology releasing in time for Halloween!

These will be a tasty morsel of tales born out of the treasures bred through the constraints of the 7 deadly sins and 7 divine virtues. Each sin and virtue is created and told through a variety of genres: romance, paranormal, horror and more.

The Nerdy Novelist’s luck of the draw was temperance…this little tale is not your regular spiel penned by the moderate Maggie Jane. Oh, my fingers have been busy and this work of art has been smoldering around my cauldron for many nights. It is a test of my craft, but I’m betting it will entice many of you to venture into the dark side of this virtue.

A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance (WIP)

Her self-restraint is tested when a handsome newcomer opens a night club on the outskirts of her small-minded town. His establishments spellbind the patrons and create a magical intoxicating experience. She’s always maintained self-control but as he turns up the heat her inner strength is in peril. She has a choice, either tame the heathens or succumb to their wicked ways.

“She took one long perusal of his athletic body and knew this was going to be a dangerous game. One she’d been looking forward to embarking upon.”

Resurrection – From NaNoWriMo Raw unedited Sneak Peek 2



I’ve edited through my NaNoWriMo work today. I figured after a month of talking and posting writing goals, I may as well share another snippet of it!  Granted this is raw, unedited work, but none the less here you go:

Adrenaline pulsed hard through my veins. Each moment that past, my blood boiled even hotter. As Officer Asshat droned on lecturing me about how women should be treated; I kept my temper in check, for her. Nothing pissed me off more than the unjustifiable accusation of being a womanizing bastard. I might be a tried and true dickhead at times, but disrespect a woman or abuse her, never going to happen. My eyes stared down the overweight sheriff, never once providing him with any reasons for an arrest, but simply letting him know he did not hold the upper hand here. Especially when he made presumptions leading him down the wrong path. Occasionally my watchful eyes search over Asshats shoulder beyond the parked squad car in hopes of catching a glimpse of Jenna.

NaNoWriMo – Raw, Unedited, Sneak Peek!



From Resurrection: 


Cocking my head from side to side, I began critiquing my new body. I dismissed the noises rattling around softly behind me. An uncomfortable feeling soon brought me back to the here and now. I immediately begin glancing around shifting my focus higher in the mirror. My eyes widening, as they meet with those of the afternoon shift janitor. He’s fumbling around, gathering his supplies nervously exiting the small shower stall with his small cart of cleaning goods. Swiftly pulling my towel back together, my face a fine shade of tomato red, the recollection of seeing the little yellow caution signs at the entrance to the locker room, it registers in my baby brain that he’s been here the whole time.

The locker room was empty because the signs say cleaning crew. This little oversight mortifies me. The young man watched me explore myself from top to bottom. He observed me as I guided my hands across my breasts and down my stomach. I trailed them over my hips and down my ass. I’m almost positive a nice little handy in his enclosure just happened. I’m embarrassed, feeling like I’m part of the walk of shame gang. Without a second thought, I immediately decide upon foregoing the shower today. I squeeze my towel tighter. My mind now madly flooded with irrational thoughts, I hustle back into the locker area for proper clothing and a clean escape from this new hell and humiliation.

Resurrection – Shh WIP Sneak Peek



Resurrection is my WIP for NaNoWriMo. Jenna and Chase are shaping up nicely. I figured a little teaser pleaser for a Sunday morning might be nice.

***disclosure: This is pre-editor perusal, proceed with extreme caution.***


Her life was a true fairy tale. She’d always set her goals high: the hot man, the power career, the great kids. She had it all. When the defining moment and diagnosis came through, she felt her world swirl around the edges of the black hole of despair. Could she recover, and even more so, did she want to?

He married his happily-ever-after. She made him smile, laugh, and believe life really was a dream come true. He worked hard, played hard, and doted hard on his family. And when his world crumbled, he found it hard to carry on. Now he’s in recovery mode. Will he be able to push past the pain and misery, or is this the end?


 Somewhere within the stark reality of the moment, Doctor Trihn cursed that dirty word, and the raw truth of the diagnosis. My logical brain understood my job. My job as a wife. My duty. The responsibility clearly defined in our vows, spoke in our vows, expressed in front of God and everyone we loved. The declarations binding us together for eternity. I vowed to Marshall my undying support through sickness and health, until death do us part. Apparently my words appeared superficial at this moment, unheeded and meaningless. I stood still, paralyzed, the one held and supported by the man just handed his death sentence. Me, the weak link in our never-ending circle of commitment.