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NaNoWriMo – WIP


National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, is under way. Day five and I’m surprising myself daily by keeping up. I’m amazed since this is crunch time before finals. My students have essays coming due in about a week which will really impact my time frames for writing. However, “C’est la vie” and we’ll just roll with the punches!

I thought I’d give you a little synopsis of this new piece. I’m still working on Blake and Sam, however Jenna and Chase are shaping up nicely.


Welcome to Resurrection:

Her life was a true fairy tale. She’d always set her goals high: the hot man, the power career, the great kids. She had it all. When the defining moment and diagnosis came through, she felt her world swirl around the edges of the black hole of despair. Could she recover, and even more so, did she want to?

He married his happily-ever-after. She made him smile, laugh, and believe life really was a dream come true. He worked hard, played hard, and doted hard on his family. And when his world crumbled, he found it hard to carry on. Now he’s in recovery mode. Will he be able to push past the pain and misery, or is this the end?


The premise for Resurrection came from some real life situations. I’m blessed to have known my inspirations, and they continue to lift me up through their strength each and every day.

Sneak Peek – Shh Blake and Sam are shaping up!



The more edits come through, the more excited I am about introducing Blake and Sam!

“Miss Sawyer, business propositions are only a small piece of what my game plan entails. My preferences include developing a mutual game layout, progressing around the bases, executing enough sweet spots to leave one begging for more, and stealing the heart of the one player I cannot seem to sign.”


A little double entendre at work here— I wrote this part over a year ago and it is interesting going back and reading something again. Funny it was during last years baseball playoffs, Hmmm!

Sneak Peek – Shh another little glimpse!

Another little tiny snippet from the WIP! #amediting

He scans the grounds as he walks. I pause, watching his graceful body move methodically along his determined path. His movements are swift, clean, and driven by powerful muscles. His clothes have salt stains from the sweat of his workout. He glances back at the double doors and catches me giving him the once over. A smile stretches from ear to ear when he realizes I’m rubbernecking. He approaches the door and, like a gentleman, opens it for me.

Sneak Peek… Shh still editing


Sneak Peek while editing… just a short blurb

Unfortunately, my less than stealthy entrance attracts the eyes of all the bodies in the classroom. Male eyes. This was not my intention. Of course, my appearance now attracts the wrong idea, as the majority of this class is all male athletes with one thing flashing in their eyes. I am wishing I had sweats and a t-shirt on, like most college students, rather than the leggy shorts. I guess my ‘dress up a little to get the professor’s attention’ tactic has backfired. Slinking slowly into the closest available seat, I pull out my iPad and begin scribbling notes without looking up.

Inspiration for Book One: Title Still in Progress!

Inspiration 001

Enough teasers! After living a little over four decades there are multiple life experiences which played loudly in my head and the characters began to shout out at me. I love the Ivy School appearance and several of those schools exist on the West Coast. After several visits to Northern California several years ago I fell in love with many aspects of one particular university. The buildings spoke of the depth and history which naturally began to lay the foundational setting of book one. Some of my own college antics, or those which turned into urban legend, began to form the basis for several of the characters in the work. Some of the beta readers who have known me for multiple decades emailed me about some of the innocents. We have had few good laughs since theses betas were shoulder to shoulder with me during some of the inspired ideas. Hopefully things fall together for a release later this year. If not then maybe a 2017 kick off. I am continuing to write the tale with book two, and am pleased with the progress. Please exercise a little patience, and hang tight, while I work out all the kinks.