NaNoWriMo – WIP


National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, is under way. Day five and I’m surprising myself daily by keeping up. I’m amazed since this is crunch time before finals. My students have essays coming due in about a week which will really impact my time frames for writing. However, “C’est la vie” and we’ll just roll with the punches!

I thought I’d give you a little synopsis of this new piece. I’m still working on Blake and Sam, however Jenna and Chase are shaping up nicely.


Welcome to Resurrection:

Her life was a true fairy tale. She’d always set her goals high: the hot man, the power career, the great kids. She had it all. When the defining moment and diagnosis came through, she felt her world swirl around the edges of the black hole of despair. Could she recover, and even more so, did she want to?

He married his happily-ever-after. She made him smile, laugh, and believe life really was a dream come true. He worked hard, played hard, and doted hard on his family. And when his world crumbled, he found it hard to carry on. Now he’s in recovery mode. Will he be able to push past the pain and misery, or is this the end?


The premise for Resurrection came from some real life situations. I’m blessed to have known my inspirations, and they continue to lift me up through their strength each and every day.

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