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Monday, November 19 through November 26, 2018 Up to Bat is #onsale for a #limited time before the release of the sequel The Playbook!

Up to Bat: Book One of  The Diamond Series

Buy Links: https://books2read.com/Up-to-BatMJSchuler


I’ve planned well, studied hard, and dreamed of my future. It keeps me alive, ignoring the things from my painful past. The thing about life is that it can throw a curveball into your path that you can’t anticipate, and plan accordingly.

But life’s cruel. It offers both good and bad, and no time for the right reaction.

My junior year of college should be one of the best but my chance run-in with a loner freshman that harbors deep secrets soon pulls me into her mysterious world. Unfortunately, her omissions of truth find me in a dangerous place.

Then, I meet Blake Angel. He is one of those curveballs of life…easy on the eyes, and everytime we touch, sparks fly. But I can’t. I won’t. I have a game plan, a play-by-play for my future.

Before I realize it, everything has changed. The hidden secrets and lies only confuse me more. Worse, I may not be able to save myself, Samantha Sawyer, from those that now hunt me—and I have no idea why.

The Playbook: Book Two in The Diamond Series

Cover reveal: November 26, 2018

Release Date: December 11, 2018


Things aren’t always what they seem…

Some claim college is four years of trivial experiences, and a means to an end. I believed it when I structured my days in an endless set of routines. Then, I befriended Adriana. She brought with her baggage which would change my perception forever.

I also met Blake Angel.

What started out with some innocent flirting, wedged me, Sam Sawyer, under his wing for protection. Criminals stalk our every move, like a long game of cat and mouse. His playbook—well, ours—starts to unravel in front of us. He rules the world as coach, mentor, protector, and possibly my future. Over the course of time, my protector turns into my lover. Blake vows to save me and turn the world upside down to get what he wants. But this mess owns us, and somehow, we need to solve this puzzle of betrayal smothering us.  

If not, we may lose this game and our happily ever after.

Goodreads TBR:  http://bit.ly/MJSThePlaybook

Buy Links: (pre-order) books2read.com/ThePlaybookMJSchuler

Image of male arm playing with baseball ball over black background

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