Drew Sera’s Fragile

Drew Sera touched my weak point when she titled her prose work Fragile, and the multiple meanings behind the single word drove home the dynamic characterization of Sydney, Colin, and Anthony. The intricate dance between dominant and submissive and trainer to lover is delicately woven between the pages of this prose. Sera drives home the idea of human nature and the innate desire to seek security and care from trusted sources. She opens the doors to vulnerability and the search for security and safety in a world which throws most to the wolves. The dom and sub relationship is then sewn into the fabric of how the BDSM world draws order and rules to the otherwise less chaotic structures of the real world. For Sydney, Colin, and Anthony this twists a bit as the human heart slithers into the formula, and they soon find themselves in a position which could rock their orderly agreement and make or break their hearts.

For all those who understand how fragile the line is between chaos and order, love and heartbreak, acceptance and rejection and all those connections in between, Sera hits on them all and then leaves the reader needing more. For my first introduction to Sera, it taught me a lesson or two and now has me ready to push forward to more of her penned works.

Buy link: https://drewsera.com/product/fragile/

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