Resurrection – From NaNoWriMo Raw unedited Sneak Peek 2



I’ve edited through my NaNoWriMo work today. I figured after a month of talking and posting writing goals, I may as well share another snippet of it!  Granted this is raw, unedited work, but none the less here you go:

Adrenaline pulsed hard through my veins. Each moment that past, my blood boiled even hotter. As Officer Asshat droned on lecturing me about how women should be treated; I kept my temper in check, for her. Nothing pissed me off more than the unjustifiable accusation of being a womanizing bastard. I might be a tried and true dickhead at times, but disrespect a woman or abuse her, never going to happen. My eyes stared down the overweight sheriff, never once providing him with any reasons for an arrest, but simply letting him know he did not hold the upper hand here. Especially when he made presumptions leading him down the wrong path. Occasionally my watchful eyes search over Asshats shoulder beyond the parked squad car in hopes of catching a glimpse of Jenna.

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