NaNoWriMo – Raw, Unedited, Sneak Peek!



From Resurrection: 


Cocking my head from side to side, I began critiquing my new body. I dismissed the noises rattling around softly behind me. An uncomfortable feeling soon brought me back to the here and now. I immediately begin glancing around shifting my focus higher in the mirror. My eyes widening, as they meet with those of the afternoon shift janitor. He’s fumbling around, gathering his supplies nervously exiting the small shower stall with his small cart of cleaning goods. Swiftly pulling my towel back together, my face a fine shade of tomato red, the recollection of seeing the little yellow caution signs at the entrance to the locker room, it registers in my baby brain that he’s been here the whole time.

The locker room was empty because the signs say cleaning crew. This little oversight mortifies me. The young man watched me explore myself from top to bottom. He observed me as I guided my hands across my breasts and down my stomach. I trailed them over my hips and down my ass. I’m almost positive a nice little handy in his enclosure just happened. I’m embarrassed, feeling like I’m part of the walk of shame gang. Without a second thought, I immediately decide upon foregoing the shower today. I squeeze my towel tighter. My mind now madly flooded with irrational thoughts, I hustle back into the locker area for proper clothing and a clean escape from this new hell and humiliation.

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