Trust and Truth Matter


Q.T. Ruby’s duet about Claire and Dan’s developing romance is one read I’ve enjoyed beyond words. The witty banter, prose literary elements, and fun pacing kept me wanting more chapter after chapter. Her talents with the integration of extended metaphors, allusionary references, and the humorous dialogue interactions makes her novels light-hearted fun reads. She also takes a grounded look at how people develop and spread their wings. We all have expectations placed upon us by family, friends, or careers and working through those issues can get sticky at times. She does a beautiful developing Claire’s strength without making her appear as a weakened protagonist. You’ll immediately fall in love with Dan, who is not only sexy and smart, but wise beyond his years.  He is the perfect complement for Claire’s structured, take the safe road personality. Trust yourself and take the time to find the truth in Claire and Dan’s adventure!


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