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A. M. Johnson’s Forever Series tells the story of three couples who each experience a little different twist of social taboos, which play first fiddle to their social emotional issues. Johnson takes the reader through a beautiful journey dealing with the deep-seated roots of the human condition. Her ability to write six different points of view between the three novels, and develop a strong voice for each, shows extreme prose talent. She captured me with Still Life, and the raw emotions which Sawyer and Elizabeth express through their struggles with the heart aches of abuse and PTSD. Johnson rides the rollercoaster of emotions, while still leaving the message of how instrumental seeking help from professional becomes when dealing with these difficult issues. Still Water develops the voices of Todd and Lily as they navigate the rebuilding of their hearts, once they’ve been broken and walls have been built around them concealing and not healing their hearts. Still Surviving shows how Seth and Tiffany grow and mature together, as they gain control over abandonment, death, and rape issues. Each story uniquely intertwines all the characters, even though the novels focus in on a specific couples growth.

I fell in love from the start with Sawyer and Lizzy, and shed my tears through Seth and Tiffany. I love the rawness expressed by Johnson as she unfolds some difficult issues. She definitely hit the nail on the head for me, because she never made me feel like any character had a weakness as they followed their given path. This is truly an enjoyable testament to human will power and desire.


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Released September 6, 2016 the final installment


Tears, joy, and such a heart warming wrap up for each of the couples Johnson brought forth in the series.

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