Caught in the Flames



Kacey Shea’s done it again. Writing a tale of love’s highs and lows and coming back around full circle. Callie loves with all her soul and when she crosses paths with Chase Matthews their immediate attraction leads her down a road she never expected. Shea expresses the raw emotions through Callie’s eyes. Affairs of the heart are never easy and the road from passion to bitterness often leaves scars along the way.

Shea develops Callie’s journey with the cleverness of a Hero’s Journey stylistic approach. Heroine Callie follows this journey and even finds her own shaman in Kiki. In the end, Shea leaves no stone unturned as she follows the ups, downs, tears, and smiles experienced while traveling through the fire and brimstone path of love.

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I also wanted to share one my favorite pre-book release promos for Caught in the Flames, created by The Saucy Owl… Trailer

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