Celia Aaron’s Tempting Eden


I’m having a serious book hangover with this one. Celia Aaron’s Tempting Eden addresses multiple deep social issues with an elegance and charm unmatched by many of today’s authors. Aaron’s stylistic moves through the journey of Jack and Eden smoothly unfolds and dig deep into the aristocratic upbringing vs the socio-economically challenged upbringing. She tackles the issues of biracial injustices, sexual orientation, corporate sex driven power struggles, and the forbidden apple. 

A few months ago Aaron posed a question about her cover and topic because it appeared people were shying away from the social issues addressed. Well there is no doubt that Aaron struck gold with this one. Her crafty author moves are deeply rooted, leaving the reader with new life breathed into some difficult issues which plague our news feeds daily. Aaron never tells a reader how to interpret her themes, she leaves you ready to question how things need changed in our modern world. 

I’ve read multiple works published by Aaron and I love them all for different reasons. Tempting Eden however truly touched on those issues which most of society still sweeps under the rug. I enjoy works which do not lay blame but bring to light internal struggles and show how they can be overcome. Jack and Eden certainly explore the moral and ethical issues which plague our current society. Tempting Eden is well worth diving into and investigating deeper into the serpents within society!

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