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My life was perfect. I’d had it all: a doting husband, a career on the rise, and great kids. When all that comes down around me—when I lose the one person I need— it feels like my world has been swirling around the edges of a black hole. A never-ending despair that is consuming me. The vows I had made to him still haunt me, still feel as fresh as the day I’d spoken those words. But he’s gone and I don’t know how to move on. I’m not even sure I could.
Until… I meet him.
I was happy. So happy. There was nothing more that a man could ask for. I had the kind of fairy tale that few get. I worked hard and played hard, but my family always came first. But when it all crumbled around me, I didn’t know how to carry on without the love of my life at my side. They say, ‘till death do us part’. I just never thought she’d go before me. Now, all I do is exist because I must, and my children need me. But some days, I can’t push past the pain and misery. Sometimes, I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do.
Then she comes crashing into my life. And in that instant, I know… My life will never be the same again.

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