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Chris Genovese takes HOA associations and sexual appetites to a whole new level. He challenges traditional sexuality and bolsters a whole new plater of thought dealing with sexual freedom. The evolution of needing to belong to a community, no matter the risks and rules makes E. Mayberry the neighborhood which appeals to the those who did not come from the Beaver Cleaver style upbringings. It plays well into societal vulnerabilities. In the tradition of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” or Richard Connell’s “A Most Dangerous Game,” the Harvest Festival appears to be one thing but turns out to be another.

Genovese has a gift in showing a story and weaving in the deeper themes in a subtle manner. The satirical side of E. Mayberry is fantastic, juxtaposed to Andy Griffith’s version, which also jabs at everything not being what it seemed in even the most traditional of neighborhoods. Now, I could totally be nerding it up here and reading way to much into this, but Genovese digs beyond the erotica and delivers the total package of voice, plot twists, character development, and a touch of Hitchcock all in one fabulous prose work!


Author Bio for Chris Genovese:

Chris Genovese is a romance author. Okay…naughty and wild romance but still romance…why am I writing this in third person? I’m talking about me! How egotistical am I? Geez.

I’m just an average guy. I’m a father of four, a devoted husband, and I absolutely love and cherish my readers, fans, and friends. When I’m not busy having writers’ ADD, meaning I can’t stay focused on one story idea


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Author Bio for Carver Pike (Genovese’s dark alter ego!)

Carver Pike is the darker, more twisted alter ego of erotica writer Chris Genovese. Where Chris tends to write erotic comedies, poetry, and other fun but sexy tales, Carver likes to stick a knife in it and wiggle it around. If you’re looking for horror and dark fantasy with an erotic twist, you’ve come to the right man. Who knew scary could be so sexy?

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