Game of Life: Will the Wolf Win?

Morgan and her husband struggle from the typical rut of career and parenthood. Morgan’s difficulty comes when her boss leaves her no choice but to work overtime much to the dismay of her husband. He’s played the part of both parents too long, and he’s not happy about it. But everything is about to change when Morgan encounters the Wolf. He’s out for blood, and she’s caught in his trap. Will she survive and be back in her husband’s arms ready to live again with her family or will the Wolf triumph?

Belle Brooks talents continue to morph over time and her diversity of genre only build her portfolio stronger every time she releases a new work.  Her dedication to the craft of writing her characters explodes over the pages she pens. I read this series as each novella released over several months. Now, I’ve reread it again, and the masterful mind of Brooks stands the test of time throughout the pages of this psychological thriller. She not only tests the dynamics of the will to survive, but she tests the strength of unconditional love, forgiveness, and the never-ending circle of life. If you love a good thriller, Game of Life is in one read worth picking up!


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