A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance is Live!

✫A Sorcerer’s Road to Temperance ✫
❈*°•✫🔮✫• Live Now •✫🔮✫•°*❈

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A novella of modest sorts!
Released Date: March 21, 2019

Buy Link: books2read.com/ASRTT
Add to your TBR: http://bit.ly/GRTemperance



Temperance Blanco served to bring order to her family and small town. She thought if she practiced her craft and lead the immoral on a path to restraint, life would be perfect. What she didn’t count on was her intense draw to her employer, the handsome new night club owner—Raiden Spellman. She thought she had tricks up her sleeve until she found herself captivated by Raiden and unaware of her place in the cards of life.

Released originally in the Witching Hour Press Anthology Vices and Virtues ©2017
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